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Joe's Automotive and Marine


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Our Services

Computer Diagnostic/Fuel Injection System Diagnostic
   We offer complete domestic and import diagnostics. Fuel injection system diagnostics. The latest in technology. Fuel injection cleaning/engine decarbonizing system.
   From minor to major, we can mantain or replace your engine and keep it running. Complete tune ups. We replace water pumps, timing belts,fan belts. Complete rebuilds or total replacement. Reasonable prices on all work.
Transmission Services
   Filters, Screens, Pan Gaskets, Fluid changed. Any neccessary adjustments checked and performed.
   Complete transmission overhauls, standard or automatic.
   Transfer cases overhauled .
 Transmission Flushes,total flushing of torque converter,valve body,clutch packs,governor,to prevent expensive transmission repairs!!!
Brake Services
  Brake jobs from minor to major, standard or anti-lock systems welcomed. 
  Anti-lock computer diagnostics.
  Drums, Rotors machined.
  Brake system flushes with our unique power bleed system. You should change your brake fluid every 2 years or 24,000 miles to prevent costly repairs. Tow vehicles ,motorhomes, severe duty use vehicles/commercial every 12 months or 12,000 miles. 
Cooling System Services
  Hose replacement
  Radiator repairs
  Radiator flushing
  Radiator replacement
  Total cooling system flush with standard coolant or 5 year/150000 mile Dexcool,standard in most GM cars since 1998
A/C Systems
   R134A service
   Retro fits from R12 to R134A
   Total System Diagnosis
U-joint replacement
Rear axle checked and serviced
Front axle/ C/V joints serviced or replaced
4x4's welcome!!!!
   All aspects of repair
   Body and Suspension Lift Kits
   Any mud tires, any sizes available
Power Steering Services
  Power Steering flushes,helps prevent costly rack and pinion replacement, pump replacement, hoses.
  New tires ( all major brands available )
  Computer balancing
  2 and 4 wheel alignment
Total Mantainence Programs
  We offer a drive in mantainence program that is designed to ensure that your vehicle operates and drives safely. We do a free complete vehicle inspection that allows us to show you any problems you might have. You can then make an informed decision.
  We offer a car sitting service where,while you are out of town, whether it be 1 month or 10 months,your vehicle will be ready for use and is completely up to date on all service requirements. Your car will be started and driven in the proximity of your residence to ensure total fluid movement through the rear axle, transmission, engine, brakes, cooling system and A/C.
Bi-monthly. One of the biggest reasons for leaks is lack of lubricant or no fluid movement on seal creating DRYROT!!!
Battery mantainence, tire mantainence, fluid mantainence, no worry your car will be ready to roll upon your return!!!
Marine Services
  Hull repair
  I/O, inboard engine, outboard engine service ,repair or replacement
  Lower unit service, repair, replacement
  Bottoms painted
  Haul-out service:  up to 12,500 capacity, up to 38 feet long
  Delivery service to anywhere in the USA.

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