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Joe's Automotive and Marine

Blue car

  Hello, Joe's Automotive and Marine is here to provide you with the best possible service for your automobile needs or marine needs.
  We have been providing services to satisfied customers for 8 years.
  We have ASE certified technicians ready to diagnose and correct any problems you might encounter.
  We have computer diagnostics with Mr. Dave, who has 45 years in the Automotive repair business. He can even fix that old Dodge in the garage that your wife complains you'll never fix...Actually,Dave says he's older than dirt...and we believe him...
  We have Terry, our boy wonder, who is willing to attack, and repair any car, boat, or motorhome. He loves a challenge. Terry has spent 12 years with his uncle Joe, learning the mechanical trade.Terry was born in Haiti and is fluent in Creole (The language of Carribean Love) and English. He is 21, single and likes long walks at sunset on the beach. Girls, he's HOT !!! Short brown hair piercing blue eyes and a trim atletic build....and a scruffy beard that looks wierd..
  On special occasions we are blessed with the presence of Cindy, the magical secretary. She knows how to keep a grip on things when they seem to get out of hand. She runs a tight ship, sometimes are tighter than others. She has a plesant smile and is very nice when she is sleeping, DON'T WAKE HER!!!!! 
  We have Ol' Joe himself, a legend for his own mind...He's been working on cars so long he's actually turning chrome in some places...especially on top...maybe that's really battleship grey...He has 27 years in the automotive repair and mechanical repairs. He treats his customers like he'd like to be treated, fair, honest, with respect and a smile.  Joe was born and raised in Ft. Myers and is a true Floridian.
Joe is also single and is an expert at one night stands.. sometimes he stands for days...weeks...waiting, always waiting....for God sakes somebody go get him out of the rain!

   Joe's Automotive and Marine can do almost any type repairs you may need.
     Automotive repairs cover all areas from A/C to Z. All makes, all models. Domestic or Foreign cars, trucks,motorhomes, small cabovers, and trucks up to 2 ton.Car Hauling. Personalized Car Care. Tires. Custom Rims.Computer Wheel Balancing. Total Mantainence Programs for all vehicles. Every vehicle gets a free complete inspection, for your safety.
     Marine repairs from minor mantainence to major repairs.
Most makes and models of I/O's, inboards and outboards.
In-house and Dockside Service.
Boat Haul-out Service. Boat delivery available. 12,500 GVWR 3 axle Trailer available for boats to 38 feet.
Dependable, Honest and Quality are our standards.  

17305-16 Pine Ridge Road
Ft. Myers Beach, Florida, 33931
Phone   239-466-0404
Fax      239- 466-7740
Towing 239-415-4357

Skyline & boats docked in harbor

Ask Terry to Breakdance for you
Ask about our free!!! lube, oil and filter change referral program
Ask Dave what it was like in the days before dirt and run like hell.....
Ask Cindy about the time she partied with the Rolling Stones

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